The Charge to Christmas

It has been a great few weeks back down in Cornwall. My modules are all absolutely awesome, the assignments are going nicely and my first shifts at my new job (working at Hawkshead Falmouth) have been pretty good too!

Now though, Christmas is around the corner, and I fly to Michigan on the 12th of December to be with my long-term partner, Catherine, for the first time in 6 months. Perhaps understandably, I am ready to be there right now! I’ve never been to America, so I’m doubly excited over visiting; hopefully I’ll find some interesting wildlife too! Michigan_Stadium_2011

Project Colugo (the new moniker for the Perhentian Project), is going excellently. There is plenty of interest from members of the Herp society, and I think we will have a really, really excellent team to go out there. With support from a world-leading academic, the support of the local university and NGOs on the ground, the dream that I first drew up in the jungle in 2014 is finally going to be realised. Obviously I’m very excited about the reptile/colugo research, but the prospect of using UAVs to map and analyse the environment is tantalising. With the research, a really strong community aspect and plenty of contacts, we should be able to secure the funding we need to make this a reality. I think Ellie Ryder, our DIrector of Media, shares my enthusiasm- we could be on the brink of something that is really quite special.Colugo

Finally, I’m about to sort out my research internship properly, and whatever comes of that will be even more exciting. My stomach is actually functioning right now (largely thanks to not eating tomatoes, who knew)?

I’m in that strangely beautiful position of having all the opportunities I could ever want; I am only limited by time.

Everything is going swimmingly, and as things like this can swiftly change, I think it is important to record such moments in my blog like this. Last year, everything changed very quickly, so I’m well aware of how fragile such times can be.

In the meantime though, I’m just going to enjoy it.



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