Conservation Tales @ Bristol University!

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Pugsley Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol on behalf of the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue Project. Having helped to facilitate the rescue of a baby chimpanzee named ‘Mira’ whilst in Liberia, I was keen to engage the audience about the Liberian bushmeat trade, whilst promoting Liberia as a nation. I was in distinguished company, being by far the most junior of the 4 speakers. I spoke alongisde Dr. Grainne McCabe (Head of Conservation Science, Bristol Zoo), Gavin Boyland (Series Producer, BBC Natural History Unit) and Rob Sullivan (Series Producer, BBC Natural History Unit). Their presentations were highly engaging, covering wildlife conservation challenges, wildlife filmmaking and also some sneak peeks into an upcoming series!

I used my own original videography and photography to illustrate my presentation. The presentation was very well-received and covered the following aspects:

  1. My Liberia video trailer
  2. Liberia’s negative stereotypes
  3. Optimism in the election of President Weah, and the high engagement of the youth in politics.
  4. Setting the scene of my ICS placement in Liberia- teaching, environment, challenges, successes.
  5. The rescue of Mira!
  6. The scale of the bushmeat trade in Liberia
  7. Causes of the trade
  8. Cultural perspectives of Bushmeat and wildlife crime.
  9. Liberia’s beautiful environment
  10. Ecotourism Potential
  11. The strength and resilience of the Liberian people.
  12. Solutions (Citizen Science, Scientific Collaboration, Capacity Building, Ecotourism, Accessible bushmeat alternatives, employment, empowerment of the Liberian youth).
  13. A Call to Action (Support LCRP, Research in Liberia sustainably, combat Liberia’s stereotypes, help promote tourism in Liberia).
  14. Thank You!


If you would like me to deliver a similar talk for your group or organisation, please let me know by commenting below! I am always keen to reach new audiences. 30657164_1746380788717327_5916290589792976061_n


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